I have hired Andrew on various occasions as a professional academic copy-editor and definitely plan to continue to do so. Any non-native English academic targeting renowned international publication channels will tremendously benefit from his expertise. I am absolutely sure that he will be an excellent asset to any project team aiming at a perfect and professional impression in the international domain.
A. Kuckertz, Ast. Professor
University of Duisberg Essen, Germany
We have been working together with BEH Ltd. for 3 years and that has helped our research group get work published in such journals as The Review of Managerial Sciences and The Journal of Relationship Marketing. Since having our papers edited by the BEH / Academic Editing team reviewers have often commended the papers for being succinct and easy to read. The Academic Editing unit provides smooth online interaction and solutions even if deadlines are very tough, and all at astonishingly competitive pricing.
Prof. Dr. Florian U. Siems
Head of Research Group for B2B-Marketing, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Thanks again for all the work on my dissertation. All went better than well at the defence…got the best possible grade which was a really nice surprise!
Vaasa University, Finland
I have been extremely satisfied with the professional proofreading and also recommended the service to other Finns that are looking for fast and reasonably priced proofreaders. The service is excellent value for money, always on time and of the best quality I have seen. I have used only AcEdit’s proof-reading services for my business related books, articles, conference papers and presentations, reviews, questionnaires and other documents since. They have been an extremely detailed, fast and reliable partner.
Prof. H Karjaluoto
University of Jyväskyla, Finland
I have checked your comments and changes and agree with all of them- they make a lot of sense to me.
Accounting Dept, HEC, Paris
Thank you for the careful proof reading. You have been very good at picking out sentences that I myself was unsure of. It’s good that you made me reconsider them.
International Business, Oulu University, Finland
I first used the editing service at BEH Ltd four years ago when I needed a low cost edit and proofread for a book I was co-editing and I have used the service frequently since then.   The editors at Academic Editing have got to know my subject area and there are now few corrections, but the hourly pricing makes it a cost effective way to reassure myself that my research is expressed clearly.
Prof. Dr. T. Kautonen,
TSE Entre, University of Turku, Finland.