Quarter 1 2015 Sitrep

First quarter of operation in the UK completed. We’re still relying on our European mainland clients, which is causing some issues with the strength of the pound against the euro, but we can cut our cloth  accordingly.  We’re still taking in roughly one academic  paper every day, but we are finding authors are economising by…


Important Notice re. Working Hours

Dear Clients Please note that with immediate effect quotations for turnaround times in days will refer to working days.  I am making this change because our minimum of two edits and a further consistency check is too difficult and costly to organise over weekends. Clients will benefit from reduced costs accordingly. This does not mean…


Work with us

We’re looking for experienced academic English editors to work with us on a freelance basis. This new site now has a private Editors’ Lounge where we can exchange ideas and share learning about editing the work of non-native authors. For a password, email amulley@acedit.eu.


We have recently edited some papers challenging the usually negative view of narcissistic individuals in business ( I must admit they made my business career rather challenging). Having seen authors go to great lengths to establish the mechanisms used to determine narcissism in individuals, I was intrigued to read of a recent British paper in the Guardian…


Journal guidelines? Who bothers with those?

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Sage Social Science Journals Editor, Leah Fargotstein in Sage Connection. Leah was asked: How much effort should one put into formatting the submission according to the guidelines? Is it a make-or-break proposition? The answer to this question really depends on the journal and the editor. For any…